K-Gold China 2010

As a brand, K-gold was one of the first 18 carat gold jewelry brands in China. Unfortunately, that did not translate into brand love or increased sales.

Young female consumers in China knew about the brand but had no real impressions about it. When it came to purchasing precious jewelry, their preference was for platinum and white gold. They did not know what the K-gold brand stood for or how to incorporate it into their jewelry habits.

Moreover, in 2010, digital and mobile was really beginning to take off in China, as consumers began to spend more and more of their lives online. We saw an opportunity for K-gold to connect with young women in a new and different way. 

We had to talk these young women directly. Whilst platinum and white gold were positioned as expensive, special occasion jewelry, we saw a gap in the market for K-gold to become an everyday wear sort of jewelry.

To answer that, we created an integrated campaign revolving around a 36 episode mini-series, teaching women how to incorporate K-gold jewelry into their daily lives.

The minisite housed the series, which was released weekly over the course of 3 months.

In addition to that, we used AR technology to allow young women to virtually "try" on the jewelry at home before buying.

Amazing! A 10% increase in a market share, visitors to the mini-site increased by over 300% during our webseries launch.

This integrated campaign formed the launch pad for the brand to get engaged with consumers, and for it to develop it's own tone of voice.

The launch episode in our 36 episode webseries "Shine Brilliantly”

The website:

"The Changing Room" AR Technology, allowing young women to "try" on jewelry in the comfort of their own homes.

Headline: "Wear your heart's whispers"

Headline: "Who says that each day's outfit has to start with clothes?"

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