Who is Shu?

Shu has been an art director since 2005 (or before there was real internet), based in both Shanghai and Singapore.

In September 2018, she finally left agency life for the glittery client side as an in house creative for Tiffany&Co in Shanghai, leading the first Design Hub team outside of America. She now works closely with both global in NYC and local regional (China, Korea, etc) teams to create new digital/social content. 

When not referring to herself in the third person, she's fluent in both English and Chinese, and versatile in .ai, .psd and .indd, with a good measure of .ppt and .key thrown in. (but that's not really a skill..)

Prior to that, she was at DDB Shanghai for three years as a Creative Director, leading Skittles, Eclipse and other Wrigley brands, as well as World of Warcraft and other Blizzard games. In addition to candy and games, she also led the Hennessy stable of brands,(XO, VSOP, Classivm) whilst working together closely with local and global clients, and in partnership with the brand stewards in DDB Paris.

And before that, she was at BBH Shanghai for over six years, working on lots of Coca-cola brands, both regional and in China (Minute Maid, Sprite, Ice Dew, Nestea), and international brands such as Lynx/Axe, Dulux, Mentos. In 2012, she helped to win Sephora China and was leading the account before leaving it all behind for yoga. To this day, Sephora China is still using her tagline. 

She then took some time out in 2014 to become a certified yoga teacher, and taught part time for a bit.

She believes that great work starts from a strong simple idea regardless of the media and execution. She also leads and mentors junior teams.

Outside of advertising when she has a life, she enjoys doing lots of yoga, drawing WIWT and travelling. She recently became a mom, and so now has no free time whatsoever. 

contact me: shuteoh@gmail.com or linked in