Starcraft China 2015: Taobao Partnership

It's been nearly 20 years since the first Starcraft game was released in 1998 and we needed to promote the final expansion of Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void to Chinese consumers who might have forgotten the game in that time.

Mobile games, casual gaming, and even other newer more exciting Blizzard games had essentially cannibalised the original Starcraft audience. How could we remind Chinese consumers of the original addictive qualities of Starcraft?

As the expansion was launching globally on November 10th 2015, we decided to partner with China's (actually now the world's) largest shopping festival, Singles Day, which was just the day after on November 11th.

Together with the world's largest shopping website, Taobao, we created a custom takeover of the landing page that allowed consumers to feel what playing Starcraft would actually be like.

We leveraged one of the most famous and recognisable aspects of Starcraft; the classic "Zerg Rush", that is, to overwhelm an opponent just with sheer numbers alone.

Taobao Landing Page: Zerg Rush Demo

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