Sprite China 2011-2013

Sprite in China is the leading youth soda brand. From 2011-2013, I was fortunate to work and grow the brand within China. Year on year campaigns register growing consumer awareness and preference for Sprite over other carbonated sodas. Below are a selection of projects I personally worked on for Sprite.

For 2013, Sprite wanted a more grassroots movement and participation, so we created 6 funny local characters you might meet at your neighbourhood basketball court.

I wrote the TVC script "Basketball doesn't care" and this was accompanied by online short films and longer form content about these characters.

In 2012, we had to figure out a way to use both Jay Chou and Kobe Bryant in a believable way. Working closely with the client and their other media partners, I oversaw and led Sprite's overall IMC plan for the year. We came up with the engagement platform of the "Uncontainable Game" and encouraged fans to join either Kobe's Yellow team, or Jay Chou's Green team.

For Sprite, it was a new way of using celebrities by making them a more integral part of the brand, rather than mere spokespersons. Their attitude and personality became part of the Sprite voice as they rallied fans to join the "Uncontainable Game"

The campaign was a resounding success, and more than 2 million kids signed up on the website to register their support for their respective teams.

I also created a visually striking look and feel for the brand that updated its previously slightly generic look. This was consistently carried across all other media (such as the website, on ground events, instore and other collateral) that helped to really reinforce the green Sprite branding.

In continuation with the "Uncontainable Game", we followed up the celebrity heavy campaign with something to remind consumers of Sprite's refreshment even during the height of summer.

Part of the brief was that we had to feature Lebron James, but we were not able to physically shoot him. We came up with the simple idea that used Lebron as the trigger but gave the starring role to an everyday teen.

2011/China/Sprite NBA
In 2011, we worked together with Chinese celebrity Jay Chou and NBA all-star Kobe Bryant to launch Sprite China partnership with the NBA.

I concepted the idea as well as doing the layout and the custom Chinese typography design, keeping it in Sprite’s urban youth look and feel.

Before the NBA partnership, the creative territory for Sprite China was about showing "the spark" of ingenuity that comes from drinking Sprite.
How could we avoid the typical soda cliches (like the usual hot boring summer on a random city rooftop) but yet still deliver a fun and refreshing spot?

By utilizing the Sprite "Splash" as the moment that inspiration occurs, we worked together with Chinese celebrity JJ Lin to deliver a refreshing summer spot. Instead of just surfing (typical), we decided to show Chinese consumers a new way to enjoy the beach!

"Sand Surfing" 30s TVC

2011/China/Sprite/Chinese New Year
Chinese New Year in China is extremely traditional affair. Family dinners and reunions, constant visiting and having to make nice with distant relatives. Frankly, it's quite boring for teenagers, who only do it out of a sense of filial piety.
How can we put the fizz back in such a traditional holiday for them?

Sprite shows you how to have fun with your family this Chinese New Year. Using popular Chinese celebrity JJ Lin, we showed teens that they could be the ones to help their family celebrate the new year in a different way.

"Family" 30s TVC

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